Tallahassee Ice Bowl

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2020 Ice Bowl Final Results

Hi all – just wanted to fill everyone in with some final results of the 2020 Leap Day Tallahassee Ice Bowl!

We had a total of 67 Players show up – a starting temperature of 43 F, and ending the at a balmy 66F

1,186 lbs of food was collected for the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Proceeds for the tournament totaled $3054, with $2854 donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank, and $200 donated to the Millstone Institute for Preservation.

I’d like to send a huge thanks to all the players that came out, volunteers that took the time to help put this together, and Millstone Institute for Preservation for the use of their awesome course for an inaugural tourney.

And an awesome thanks to this year’s sponsors:

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Ice Bowl Drone Footage

Drone footage video courtesy of Ryan Woodward

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2020 Tallahassee Ice Bowl Photos

Photos from the 2020 Leap Day Tallahassee Ice Bowl. Thanks to Lauren Dalton, Young McConnell, and Evan “Tha Crusha” Goode for allowing the use of their photos.

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2020 Ice Bowl Open Division Scores

Earl, Josh 57
Kelly, Jared 59
Beck, Ross 61
Fairbanks, David 64
Mills, Jordon Lee 68
Meyer, Nick 68
Osgood, Ryan 69
Bynum, Alex 74
Wooland, Chris DNF


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2020 Ice Bowl Recreational Division Scores

Cobb, Kyle 61
Tobar, Hector 61
Settle, Gary 62
Higgins, David 63
Hoover, Jason 64
Barnes, Corwin 65
Letts, James 67
Kerwin, Tom 68
Donovan, Casey 70
Wright, Chris 72
VanDeWalle, Ray 72
Morgan, Joshua A 72
Mauro, Jordan 73
Kent, Grayson 73
Funk, Ted 74
Kleck, Matthew 75
Alfano, Mike 76
Jarrett, Jacob 76
Norris, John 76
Earl, Oakley 76
Hoover, Kara 77
Liebrich, Walter 78
Morgan, Haleigh 79
Graham, Austin 85
Barrett, Jesse 88
Williams, Jim DNF
Budnick, Jeff DNF
Woodward, Ryan
Tingay, Greg
Wegge, Alec
Routt, Charlie


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2020 Ice Bowl Old Guy Division Results

Old Guy Division

Muntean, Dave (throw off)  54
Chuck Norman 54
Cantrell, Kurtis 56
Paulette, Michael 57
McMillan, Jason 61
Ritchey, Kurt S 62
Sherry, “Dammit” Don 63
Champion, Ray 63
Herndon, Derek 63
Schuknecht, Brian 64
Ricke, David 64
Standley, James 64
Wygle, Chris 65
Keller, Scott 65
Wohlgemuth, Michael 66
Spector, Cole 66
Sawyer, Lloyd 66
Wilcox, Rich 67
Alovus, Lao 67
Coste, James 68
Good, Evan “The Crusha” 69
Davis, Skip 70
Konikoff, Mike 70
Sherer, John 70
Nelson, Mike 72
Fields, Ruben 72
Jimmy Eggert 76


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